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Thank you for stopping by my website.

I realize that working within the community, it is important to build relationships with as many people as I can. I hope to meet you and that you will find me to be of interest because of the struggle I had in overcoming adversity such as drug addiction, alcohol, sexual abuse, and abandonment by my parents,which lead me to love addiction.

I believe that through overcoming adversity, I am able to be a positive influence for good to anyone who wishes to be mentored and inspired to do better in life, as well as what it takes to overcome adversity.

I have worked with the Williams family in West Jordan, Utah by using the material I have written to help their family understand life issues much better. I have also worked in a youth detention center in Utah and have used my material for group therapy. The wonderful thing about working with troubled children is how I was able to form healthy relationships with the youth inmates by taking a sincere interest in them.

At the end of the day I would ask them to reflect on what they thought they could do to improve their day, so they could receive kudos and get extra liberties and passes. At the end of the day I asked them to rate how their day was at what they could do to make tomorrow better for them.

They worked on a point system to get day passes as well as other privileges. I held the position as a “mental health associate” and was able to use my material for the group therapy sessions. I worked in the general population as well as the sexual offenders unit.

I am a passionate writer and have written material that pertains to life and spiritual matters that pertains to life itself, so that people can understand the correlation between understanding life and how we fit into the scheme of life. It is with this understanding and insight that I am able to inspire others because I have experienced a lot of the same things as other. It helps matters when I speak to an audience of people who I too can relate to because of what I have been through in life.

One of the greatest joys in life is to inspire the youth and prepare them to for responsibility that is associated with leadership. For instance, many at risk kids once shown the light, have very special gifts deep down in side of them. These gifts need to be manifested in their lives by giving  their gifts and talents to lead their generation, as a generation of leaders that has been endowed with gifts that come from on “high”. It just means that they have not been given the chance to use their gifts or that they did not have the support of those who love them.

We need to restore the American values that made our nation great in the first place. I became an Ordained Minister of the “Dare To Be Different Ministries” because of the need to have more credibility as a bridge between heaven and earth so that I am able to receive guidance from on high. Every young person is different and yet they have the same set of problems that other youngsters have today. It is just reaching out to them and meeting them where they are now, that matters.

I also believe that we need to educate the youth and that we need to know more about our Founding Fathers. One of my other websites offers the education needed to appreciate what our Forefathers went through for us to have what liberties we have today. For the sole purpose of educating Americans about American values my wife and I founded Golden Eagles of America in October 2010. It is registered as a non-profit speaking organization.

 “A Pearl In The Making”  is near to being published. The book is about how God has been working within me by teaching me how to live up to being a leader so that I may be an effective “way show-er” to others who are in need of understanding and direction in life. I was like a ship without a rudder until God came into my life and at one point my life was so messed up that I needed to call on Divine Intervention. I fired myself as my life manager and brought in the best life manager a person could want. 

Most affective leaders have had to overcome difficulties in life and I am not an exception. In other words, “A teacher has to learn the lesson in order to teach”The book A Pearl in the Making” is about the lessons I have learned through my struggles through life. I was looking for answers to what I thought were complex problems and as a result I would be able to share with you my readers and my audience when speaking. I believe my message will resonate with most people because everyone goes through similar life issues

“Who’s Driving Your Bus?”. It is a personal account of how I have overcome cocaine addiction and how I feel it is important to get to truths about how and why I became an addict. It is an account of how I was able to apply spiritual concepts into my life so that I could gain strength I needed to overcome my addiction and homelessness.

The material that I have written as well as the speeches I have given has served people because of the nature of what concerns people at their particular place in time.

We hear the phrase used to describe a life of hardships is that “when life serves you lemons, try making lemonade out of it”.  “We  can choose to stand in our stuff or we choose to stand on it!”

When we understand the lessons we need to learn, it is as if the veil of clarity is revealed to us, and we can see the wisdom and lessons that surpasses our understanding and we make a Divine Connection so to speak.  My mentor Byron once told me that I needed to learn how to get out of my own way so I can have Divine perspective on a problem.

I have been inspired by friends, families, as well as past employers to talk to others about how I have come through some big challenges in my life, like overcoming addiction, betrayal, sexual abuse, and love addiction. Here are some of the topics I cover in speaking engagements:

  • Dealing with generational dysfunction

  • Epiphanies of self realization

  • Hope for thriving communities working together for common goals

  • “Universal Laws” and understanding how God answers prayers

  • The power to attract/repel love, prosperity, and happiness

  • The Love Bank ®

  • When I see you I see me ®

  • How I overcame my  cocaine addiction

  • What I do to you- I do to me ®

  • Roles and labels

  • Understanding addictive relationships

  • Overcoming love and sex addictions

  • Accountability

  • Work ethics and integrity

  • Restoring American Values

  • Looking At Life Through The Eyes of A Child Who Became An Adult ®

  • Living out your destiny

  • Leprechauns and Angels

  • Nail Holes and Putty

  • Governing Our Thoughts

  • Emotional Intelligence

* ® Registered Copyright Laws Apply

These are just a few of the topics I cover and if requested I will mix in different topics. I will streamline my message when a client prefers that I speak about a particular topic. I will also speak on an any requested topic.

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Terrance W. Norton

Humanitarian Mentor/


  •  Golden Eagles of America, Founder
  • Dare To Be Different Ministries, Ordained Minister
  • Meet OwlWise Artie, Creator/Author

*Please note: Golden Eagles of America is registered as a speaking organization with Idaho Secretary of State’s Office.

Contact Info:

11734 West Huckleberry Drive

Nampa, Idaho 83651



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